Welcome Back!

Hey again! If you’re here, you’ve already had at least one reading with me, but you have more questions about your reading. It might be about your synastry reading, where I told you that you had a past life connection with your partner. This is where you could order a past life reading to see what your relationship was like last time around.

Or maybe I told you there’s a strong twin flame connection happening, and now you have a question about that, such as when you might reunite with your twin flame, and what it might be like when you do.

Or, maybe you have a question about your past life reading or a personal chart reading specifically for this lifetime, where we talked about your career path for example, and you’re wondering when a good time might be to launch that new business plan you’re coming up with. Whatever the question is, you can place an order for it here.

  • Past life readings for couples are $25 each, and must be with the same 2 people from your synastry reading. If you have not done a synastry reading yet, I can’t do a past life reading yet.
  • All other questions (twin flame experiences included) are $10 each.

Thanks so much for your support!