“Wow finally someone makes sense! I can not thank-you enough for answering this for me i have looked for an answer for months! I knew separating orbs were not weak because as you said it is apart of me a big part! Apart of me that is not going anywhere in this lifetime. I was so confused by all these astrologers because they were saying separating orbs weaken and dissipate with time which does not resonate with me at all. I feel both orbs strongly and equally. Also would this apply to asteroids too? I have Eros and Apollo very tightly conjunct pluto both have separating orbs. Both are also in the first house along with my first house pluto and moon. Yes i do strongly feel the affects of these asteroids.”

“Wow this is super insightful. I have looked into a lot of information about other planets, but never Pluto. Thank you for taking the time to analyze this.”

“Thank you so so much. This could not have been more on point. I just permanently ended with my boyfriend an hour ago, right before Uranus enters Taurus. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Your analysis is so accurate that it’s scary. I definitely put on a facade for the reasons you’ve stated & I’ll take your advice and be honest, open, and vulnerable in the future. You’re right, I should weed out the partners who stay for the facade right from the beginning. You’re awesome for this, your response really helps. Also, you’re a great astrologer!”

“Ahh thank you this makes a lot of sense, I’ve been stuck on an ex kind of not knowing what’s going on about the situation and I may think he wants more than he actually does, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I’m definitely feeling Uranus transiting Jupiter right now aswell, I’ve gotten really into tarot cards, astrology and spirituality recently so that makes a lot of sense and I’ll definitely make sure to keep going. I am an artistic person I love to draw and paint but it’s been a while so I may need to start up again then! Thank you very much, that was all very helpful!”