MBTI in the Birth Chart: ISFP

Today I’m going to look at the birth chart of an ISFP to see what might correlate with the function stack order of this type (Fi, Se, Ni, Te). Normally I would look first for any planets in essential dignity in the chart (particularly personal planets). There are no planets in domicile or exaltation inContinue reading “MBTI in the Birth Chart: ISFP”

MBTI & Astrology Pt. 4: Thinking/Feeling, Examining The Moon

Up until this point my MBTI/astrology research has focused on showing possible correlations with Intuitive types (“N” users) and birth chart aspects. As I continue to collect more sample charts to study, I am finding a consistent trend: in nearly every case, the personal planet with the strongest placement in the birth chart by essentialContinue reading “MBTI & Astrology Pt. 4: Thinking/Feeling, Examining The Moon”

Feeling trapped? The Astrology of Mental Health

I decided to launch this blog with the topic of mental health, as I recently saw someone ask a question on what aspects would make them feel trapped and restricted in life. They had also mentioned depression, paranoia, and past issues with drug abuse. If you’re wondering where the trouble-makers in your birth chart are,Continue reading “Feeling trapped? The Astrology of Mental Health”