MBTI in the Birth Chart: ISFP

Today I’m going to look at the birth chart of an ISFP to see what might correlate with the function stack order of this type (Fi, Se, Ni, Te). Normally I would look first for any planets in essential dignity in the chart (particularly personal planets). There are no planets in domicile or exaltation inContinue reading “MBTI in the Birth Chart: ISFP”

MBTI in the Birth Chart: an INFJ

Continuing my series of posts on finding out what birth chart placements would correlate with one’s MBTI, today I’m covering the chart of an INFJ. The chart holder’s name, date of birth, time of birth, and location have been cut from the image. As discussed in my previous post, right now I am focusing mainlyContinue reading “MBTI in the Birth Chart: an INFJ”

Exploring MBTI In the Birth Chart: An ENFJ

In my previous posts about correlations between MBTI and astrology birth charts, I was sharing and examining data from a pool of volunteers who shared their MBTI and birth chart with me, looking for patterns/trends among the different types and their charts. My new focus (at least for now) is going to be on analyzingContinue reading “Exploring MBTI In the Birth Chart: An ENFJ”

MBTI & Astrology Pt. 4: Thinking/Feeling, Examining The Moon

Up until this point my MBTI/astrology research has focused on showing possible correlations with Intuitive types (“N” users) and birth chart aspects. As I continue to collect more sample charts to study, I am finding a consistent trend: in nearly every case, the personal planet with the strongest placement in the birth chart by essentialContinue reading “MBTI & Astrology Pt. 4: Thinking/Feeling, Examining The Moon”

MBTI And Astrology Part 3: Intuitive Types and the role of Essential Dignities and Pluto

First of all, thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to allow me to use your chart for this study. In my last post I was working with the charts of 22 “Intuitive” types (people who use intuition as either their dominant or auxiliary function in the cognitive function stack). I now haveContinue reading “MBTI And Astrology Part 3: Intuitive Types and the role of Essential Dignities and Pluto”

MBTI and Astrology Part 2: What Shows An Intuitive?

In my last post, I came up with an incredibly loose theory of how one might connect MBTI to their astrological birth chart. In other words, can we look at someone’s birth chart and know what their MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) might be? It was a fun post, but not based on any stats, onlyContinue reading “MBTI and Astrology Part 2: What Shows An Intuitive?”

Astrology and MBTI, Cognitive Functions, Myers-Briggs

Every once in a while I go on a Myers-Briggs or Jungian typology binge. It’s a hotly debated topic; some people think it’s absolute bullshit pseudoscience, while others laud it as legitimate psychology. I try to find the benefit in most any system I come across and keep an open mind about it; after all,Continue reading “Astrology and MBTI, Cognitive Functions, Myers-Briggs”