MBTI in the Birth Chart: an INFJ

Continuing my series of posts on finding out what birth chart placements would correlate with one’s MBTI, today I’m covering the chart of an INFJ. The chart holder’s name, date of birth, time of birth, and location have been cut from the image.

As discussed in my previous post, right now I am focusing mainly on the state of the Moon and Mercury in the chart for obtaining the two dominant cognitive functions, with Mercury representing the perceiving function (how we collect information and process it) and Moon representing the judging function (the basis on which we make decisions, as the Moon is habits and instinctual patterns of behaviour that come naturally to us, in psychological astrology). This person has her Moon in Leo, which I have stated in previous posts more often correlates to “feeling” types in MBTI, being a fire sign, and especially because Leo rules the heart in the astrological hermetic man. This is a person who leads with her heart. To me, the conjunction of Sun and Moon in Leo also suggests a spiritually powerful person, which is one of the stereotypical personality traits of INFJ if we are to go beyond the standard cognitive function discussion of MBTI and into personality theory.

I say this because in hermetic astrology, the Moon represents one’s soul, and the Sun represents the spirit or higher self. Just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, the soul is meant to reflect the light of the spirit/higher self. This girl appears to have been born on or near a New Moon lunar phase, when the Moon (soul) was oriented towards the Sun (spirit). I don’t know this person and cannot say for sure whether or not she embraced this aspect of her natal chart, but the potential for strong spiritual inclination is certainly there, especially in conjunction of Leo/the heart chakra, with her Sun in domicile (strongest position for the Sun, as the Sun rules Leo and the heart).

Furthermore, her Sun/Moon conjunction is in her 12th house, the house of spirituality and dissolving of the ego. As we know, the ego can be the greatest downfall of Leo, but I believe the house placement mitigates this here as rather than her ego overtaking her, her luminaries have lit up matters of the 12th house in her life (spirituality, isolation, hidden enemies, self-undoing, dissolving of boundaries, etc.). This is likely a person who feels the need to care for people who may be or feel victimized, and she herself may have a risk of playing savior or developing martyr syndrome, especially in Leo, who is very generous and benevolent, but also wishing for praise and acknowledgement. In this way it’s possible for this person to victimize herself by being too self-sacrificing and tying her identity to how she suffers for others. These are classical traps for the INFJ, and part of their mission in this life is to overcome that and learn to set boundaries to protect themselves and avoid promising too much to others, eventually letting others down as they have taken on too many burdens in helping them, and becoming resentful at feeling taken advantage of by the people they help (without asking for anything in return, but not realizing they are creating a power imbalance). This is often the build up to the classic “INFJ door-slam.”

Her Moon is also conjunct Mercury in the 12th, which does suggest to me a person who unconsciously picks up information in a classic introverted intuition (Ni) fashion, the dominant function of an INFJ, and gives them that seemingly “psychic” manner of reaching insight in a way that feels out of nowhere to them and to onlookers. The 12th house is very subconscious and often hidden from the native, being behind the Ascendant (ego/identity) and therefore hard to consciously access.

She also has Mercury opposing Neptune, in the 6th house, in Aquarius. Neptune in the 6th can be a tricky placement, as the 6th house naturally corresponds with Virgo (the 6th sign), which is the opposite sign to Pisces (ruled in modern astrology by Neptune). I believe the 6th house is an important house for forming healthy boundaries, being opposite the 12th, which is about dissolving them (in order to achieve “unity consciousness”). 6th house is also the house of service and self-care, learning how to help others, but also to help yourself so that you can better help others. Neptune in the 6th, to me, further enforces the risk of developing “martyr syndrome,” in that it can show a difficulty in separating your own needs from the needs of others. I think this is especially true with Neptune in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, who typically puts the needs of the group above the needs of the individual.

The Mercury/Neptune opposition also represents strong intuitive powers to me, with Neptune ruling Pisces, especially with the 12th house involved (corresponding to Pisces, the 12th sign). Mercury opposite Neptune is typically not a concrete thinker dealing in tangible facts and objective reality, but is much more abstract and deals in idealized potentials, something especially prominent for INFJs in particular (as far as idealism goes).

Mercury also makes a trine (albeit wide) aspect to Pluto from her 4th house in Sagittarius. I would consider this in the context of her chart to be another placement supporting her Intuitive typing for MBTI (and have seen a bit of a trend with Mercury/Pluto aspects in intuitive types, particularly intuitive feeling types). Pluto being deeply buried parts of the psyche, she is able to tap into these forces unconsciously to read situations and people instinctively. Mercury/Pluto aspects also tend to think deeply on topics and connect seemingly unrelated concepts into cohesive wholes (the convergent thinking of the Ni function). With her Sagittarius Pluto aspecting her Mercury, she likely is deeply in tune with the philosophical and spiritual concepts that are especially relevant to her generation (as Sagittarius is attuned to philosophy and spirituality, and Pluto is generational by sign placement).

This same Pluto trine and Neptune opposition apply to her Sun and Moon, which further reinforce intuition in her chart, particularly the aspects to the Moon (as in astrology, it is linked to one’s intuition). It’s also worth noting that the Sun appears to be her strongest planet (being both heavily aspected and in its own sign of Leo), because there was a very strong correlation between Intuitive MBTI types having their strongest planet aspecting one or more outer planet(s). Her Mercury and Moon appear to have equal strength, which is also interesting as Mercury is often affiliated in astrology with logic and thinking, and INFJs have been said to be the most “balanced” of the feeling types in terms of weighing decisions between what is logical/effective and what they believe to be morally correct.

I also believe Neptune being so strong in her chart is a good argument for using extroverted feeling (Fe, the auxiliary function of INFJ) over Fi, as Fe users again are more focused on the harmony of the collective group they are in, sometimes at the expense of their own values. In this person’s case, she likely does have a strong sense of values with Venus in the 1st house, but again those values are around service to others, with Venus in Virgo. She may have an inner conflict between her wish to serve others and create harmony and her need for individualism, with Venus opposing Uranus in her 7th house. Again, this can show sudden breaks in relationships with others (with Uranus being a disruptive force and the 7th house being relationships and partnerships), again we see the “INFJ door-slam.”

In the personality theory side of MBTI it also makes sense for her Ascendant to be in Virgo, which is an introverted sign, and the sign of helping others. Venus in the 1st can certainly make someone likeable and social, and INFJ is also often considered the most “extroverted” of the introverts, meaning they socialize more easily than some of the other introverted types, but still need time in solitude to recharge.

That about sums up this analysis, thanks so much for reading. I am hoping to post these more frequently and intend to post an article for everyone who sends me their birth chart/birth chart info and MBTI. Please Contact me if you would like to participate in this study!

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