MBTI & Astrology Pt. 4: Thinking/Feeling, Examining The Moon

Up until this point my MBTI/astrology research has focused on showing possible correlations with Intuitive types (“N” users) and birth chart aspects. As I continue to collect more sample charts to study, I am finding a consistent trend: in nearly every case, the personal planet with the strongest placement in the birth chart by essential dignity is in aspect to an outer planet in the birth chart. So far, there is a slight preference for Uranus aspects in extroverted intuition users and a slight preference for Pluto aspects in introverted intuition users. Neptune seems to be equally frequent across both types of intuition functions.

I would like to shift the focus for now to examining “thinking” types vs. “feeling” types. To determine this function I looked at the state of the Moon, as it represents emotions, habits, and instincts; how does one habitually behave? The first thing I found is that thinking types more often have Moon signs in either air element signs or earth element signs (72% total). 28% of thinking types had a Moon in a fire or water sign. Fire was the least represented at just 9% of the total sample, with one Sagittarius Moon (an INTP) and one Aries Moon (an ENTP). This makes sense to me, as fire is known to be passionate and emotive. 18% of thinking types have water Moons, and of those, they were either Pisces or Cancer, with no Scorpio Moons. Of the earth Moons, there was a slight preference for Virgo over the other 2 earth signs. Of air, the Moons were mostly Gemini or Aquarius. These all make sense to me, as Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, which represents thought/the mind, and people with Moons ruled by Mercury would tend to rationalize their emotions and analyze them. Aquarius, of course, is highly cerebral, and these Moons showed up in ENTPs, which also use tertiary Fe. That again makes sense as Aquarius focuses more on what is best for the group (Fe) yet they are still focused more on logic and reasoning than feelings.

As for the feeling types, the results were a little less strong but still showed a preference for fire and water Moons at 67%, with air and earth Moons at 33%. Fire and water were equally represented. There were no Sagittarius Moons, with only Leo and Aries showing up here. As Sagittarius is the most cerebral of the fire signs, this also makes sense, with Leo and Aries being more personal and emotive. All 3 water signs showed up with about the same frequency. For earth, there were no Virgo Moons in the feeling types, and about equal Capricorn and Taurus.

A note on the direction of this research:

Until I have a much larger sample size, it’s going to become very difficult to lock on to specific function stacks in correlation to birth chart placements. For now, I’m going to shift the focus of these posts to analyzing individual charts to compare against MBTI type. I’m hoping that might help me gain some insight as well. I will not be posting any identifiable information of anyone, or their birth chart (unless they expressly grant me permission to do so). Rather, I will just be discussing their placements and explaining how these would correlate with their function stacks.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. If you are interested in having your chart analyzed for correlations with your MBTI type, please Contact me and let me know; this is obviously a free service as it helps me with my research. I am looking for ALL MBTI types.

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