Pluto and the Astrology of Obsession

Plate 7- Pluto in a niche, holding a bident, with Cerberus next to him, from a series of mythological gods and goddesses

Topics covered in this post:

  • Aspects in your chart that would attract people who become obsessed with you (Plutonic people)
  • Plutonic synastry and the myth of “who feels it more”
  • Which natal chart aspects would show stalking behavior in someone’s chart, and which ones wouldn’t

Do you have a tendency to attract people who end up becoming obsessed with you? People who stalk you (in real life, on social media, asking your friends about you etc.), blow up your phone/DMs, try to play mind games with you, and seem to have a love/hate relationship with you? You might be a Plutonic person.

Meaning, you have very strong Pluto energy in your chart. What makes a strong Pluto? What makes any planet strong in a chart? The biggest factors are how many aspects it makes to personal planets/angles in your chart. Pluto in any aspect to the Sun/Moon/Ascendant/Mercury/Venus/Mars, gives Pluto some degree of power in the chart. The more aspects, the stronger the Pluto. Pluto conjunct an angle (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, or Imum Coeli/Nadir) gives it a lot of strength in the chart. Also, personal planets (including chart ruler) in the 8th house or in Scorpio would also indicate a Plutonic person. Again, the more of this you have happening, the stronger your “Plutonic rating.”

Maybe you have a few of these aspects happening in your chart. What is it about Pluto that creates such a magnetic pull to you? If you’ve read my previous post, Pluto is a very dark energy. It shows where you’ve been through some intense transformative experiences in your life. Pluto is inherently very powerful in that it represents where in life you are torn down to absolutely nothing and reborn stronger. Pluto basically equates with power, and power is very attractive to many people. Pluto is the energy of success in the face of extreme adversity. He also embodies a darkness that is often attractive to people. Think of the popularity of anti-heroes and you’ve got a basic idea of the attraction of Pluto.

The Synastry of Pluto and the Myth of “Who Feels It More”

Goddess Proserpina (Queen of the Underworld)

By the law of attraction, if you have this Pluto energy happening in your chart, you have a good chance of attracting similarly intense people into your life. Obviously, not everyone you form any kind of relationship with (romantic, platonic, or otherwise) is going to become obsessed with you. This is where synastry comes into play. Plutonic people have a way of magnetizing to each other, so if you have a stalker or something similar, they probably have some Pluto demons to work out themselves.

But, if two people who are both Plutonic get together, does that equate to mutual stalking, power struggles, equal obsession on both sides? Not necessarily. I would look at the synastry between both Plutonic people and see how their Pluto configurations are interacting with each other’s charts. There always seems to be the looming question in synastry of “who feels what,” and “who feels it more.” To say it’s the Pluto person or the planet person who “feels it more” is an oversimplification. There is never going to be a definitive answer to that question that applies to every Venus/Pluto conjunction by synastry, every Moon/Pluto square, every Sun/Pluto sextile. You might have one relationship where your Venus conjuncts someone’s Pluto and they are the more fixated person, and then have another relationship with your Venus conjunct someone’s Pluto and you are the fixated one. And then a 3rd relationship with the same synastry aspect and neither of you develops an unhealthy obsession.

Not EVERY single guy/girl who has his/her Pluto conjunct your Venus is going to become addicted to you, or you to him/her. That would mean an entire generation of men/women would share that relationship dynamic with you, and that’s obviously not true for anyone. The same can be said for any other Pluto aspect in synastry. I would say it’s usually a combination of Pluto aspects that create toxic addiction between a couple. And the bottom line is when a relationships is decidely Plutonic, both people are going to feel it equally, in different ways. Both will be obsessed equally, but will express and act on it differently. And if it is to the extreme that this person is stalking you, it’s something in their own chart that would indicate they are prone to that behavior already, combined with something in your chart that they are specifically attracted to.

But which aspects would more likely indicate the type of person who would be a stalker? Is it really all Pluto?

Redon – Obsession, 1920

Not everyone who has a strong Pluto in their chart will get obsessed in their relationships to the point of stalking behavior, obviously. Because stalking behavior often accompanies some form of mental illness, there is usually a combination of a strong Pluto and other outer planets aspecting the inner planets. Studying some famous stalkers throughout history who have publicly available birthdays, the most frequent aspect I see in the charts of stalkers is Mars in aspect to Pluto, especially the trine. I expect hard aspects from Mars to Pluto could also apply, but might also suggest violence in addition to stalking. Mars/Pluto aspects make sense to me because Mars is your drive and ambition, your actions, and also sex drive, while Pluto is…well, Pluto. We’ve covered Pluto. Venus in aspect (especially soft) to Pluto also shows up in stalkers, and sometimes Mars conjunct Venus both in aspect Pluto. This also makes sense because Venus is what we want, our values, tastes, and love nature, and when combined with Mars by conjunction it can make a person who is persistent to the point of being pushy and insistent.

But like I said, in my limited research I also found that there are usually aspects from Neptune (hard or soft, but more often soft) to personal planets too, and also from Uranus to personal planets (hard or soft aspects). Neptune aspects make sense because they can show someone engaging in delusional thinking (which is typical of a stalker), and Uranus aspects because they can show general instability. Usually with Uranus and stalkers, it’s aspecting Mercury most often (mental instability), or the Moon (emotional instability), or sometimes Venus (unconventional and perhaps unstable views on love in general, a strange way of expressing love, an unstable love life).

Pluto aspects to the natal Sun, Moon, and/or Mercury do not generally seem to factor into stalking behavior, and other energies of Pluto more often come out with these.

Like the other outer planets, Pluto is karmic, and so by attracting these types of relationships into your life (whether you want to or not), you are working out some form of karma you’ve built up relating to themes of power, control, and intimacy. If you’re interested in checking out what kind of karma you have built up that might be causing this, or think you may be caught up in a karmic Plutonic relationship and want some insight, I would encourage you to purchase a Past Life reading or Synastry reading from my Services page.

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