Astrology Research for Psychology, Relationships, Past Lives, etc.

Donation-based Astrology Service

Are you curious about your birth chart but can’t afford a reading? I get it, times are hard for most everyone right now. I’m here to help by offering a donation-based astrology service. Readings can be about anything you want, including:

  • Personal psychology/mental illness you’re struggling with
  • Finances/career path
  • Relationship issues/questions (including synastry readings, past life connections, twin flames, karmic relationships) this can be romantic, platonic, a reading with you and a family member, etc.
  • Possibilities for the future (transit reports, profections)
  • Past life questions (insight into your past life beyond the South Node)
  • Help selecting a wedding date
  • And more

All readings are done over email. This is NOT a computer generated report, each reading is unique to your chart and written by me on an individual basis. There is no obligation to donate any specific amount, or donate at all. Contribute when and what you can. I accept donations via Paypal or Stripe.

Head over to my Contact page to get started! Or to donate, click here!